Friday, January 15, 2010


I can't believe it's LESS than two weeks until T-Day! The Transfer will be either the 27th or 28th, depending on how the embryos are developing. I will get a phone call saying it's time to come in... I wonder how much notice I'll get? I'm sure it will be at least a couple hours, but perhaps 24 hours notice? I'm so excited!

Experienced Surrogates: How much notice did you have for a fresh transfer?

My IPs are on vacation skiing in the Alps! Next week they will be flying into San Diego for a few days to take care of business at the IVF clinic and we are going to meet for the first time! Being an international match, we have only spoken via phone, email, and my blog. I'm fine with the long distance, and I don't mind going to doctor's appointments alone, I've always been very independent. But if the roles were reversed, I can't imagine a woman on the other side of the world carrying my baby and I being unable to keep a watchful eye throughout the pregnancy -- I'm a little bit of a control freak though, which is why I do my own shots. So, I plan to do whatever I can to keep my Parents in-the-loop for their long-distance pregnancy.


  1. What does "IP" stand for? I assume it is an abbrevieation for the parents of the baby you will be carrying?
    Aunt Dale

  2. Hi Aunt Dale! IP is the abbreviation for Intended Parents. IM and IF are sometimes used for Intended Mother/Intended Father.

  3. That makes sense. I have enjoyed reading your blog, I will keep you in prayer for a safe pregnacy as you bless these lucky IP's


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