Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eight Days!

My IPs should be in the air now, en route from Germany to San Diego! Too bad we've have uncharacteristically rainy weather. :-( Sunny California is POURING cold cold rain.

Appointment tomorrow at the IVF clinic. My appointment is at 10:45, and their's is at 11:30, so we will have our first face-to-face tomorrow morning! Tomorrow we will have the usual blood test (to confirm NO current pregnancy, as well as check estrogen level) and ultrasound to check lining thickness and confirm continued ovarian suppression.

My meds cheat-sheet says I will be starting Progesterone, Prometrium, Medrol, and Doxycycline on the 22nd or 23rd; I believe Lupron will stop. I will find out the exact schedule tomorrow. And I don't know what the Prometrium and Medrol are for, but I will ask the doc when I meet with him. The Doxycycline is an antibiotic to destroy any malicious bacteria that might be in the uterine environment. It's a standard protocol, since apparently some of the common bacterias that populate the area are toxic to the embryos. I always always get a yeast infection after an antibiotic so I plan to supplement probiotics at the same time.

I will post again tomorrow afternoon!


  1. I am going to closely be following your progress - I might possibly be matching with IP's from Germany. Congrats on your upcoming transfer! It is always exciting!!!

    Thanks for letting my follow via your blog - even if you don't know who I am IRL. :)

    Working on another

  2. Hi Heather, welcome! I understand your concerns; be sure you are ok with the distance before committing. And read my post from Jan 15th. :-)

  3. The distance is definitely something on my mind. Thank you for letting me check up on you!

    Have you started the progesterone shots yet? Those are fun. HA!

    .... and sorry, but I have never done a fresh cycle so I don't know the time frame.


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