Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doing Beautifully!

That's what the doctor said today... I'm doing beautifully. :-) Had the usual blood draw and ultrasound. Uterine lining is a 14, when anything over 8 is good. I don't know what the numbers mean... some kind of measurement.

Meds stay the same for the next week: Delestrogen on Monday/Thursday, Lupron daily, baby aspirin and prenatals daily.

FYI: Delestrogen makes the body think that it is pregnant and causes typical pregnancy changes such as softening of the cervix and breast tenderness. I had a day or two of fearing that I might BE pregnant (despite ovarian supression) until I confirmed with the doctor that Delestrogen causes these symptoms. :-)


  1. Thanks for explaining the Delestrogen. It seems a lot of gestational surrogates have to take these injections. It isn't one of my meds. Each clinic is different I guess. Can't say I can complain about a few less injections. :)

  2. You are taking an estrogen patch, correct? Same effect, different delivery method. :-) I'm kind of thankful to start intramusculars twice a week so I can get used to them before they're daily. Soon!


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