Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Transfer Complete!

I'm home from La Jolla IVF. We transferred two perfect blastocyts into the highest part of my uterus. Now I'm on a strict bedrest for 3 days to help those little ones get a good strong hold.

I arrived at the clinic with a nearly full bladder (aids the ultrasound and transfer by pushing the uterus into an ideal position). They gave me a Valium to relax me and to stop uterine contractions which could complicate the transfer. They even turned down the lights and played soft music. I was reminded of a massage room, but with the addition of lef stirrups and ultrasound equipment. :-)

The embryo transfer procedure is as follows:
  1. Insert speculum
  2. Cleanse cervix
  3. Insert catheter through cervix (like a straw)
  4. Inject embryos through the catheter and deep into the fundus

The embryo transfer is aided by abdominal ultrasound and I was able to see the catheter on the screen and then a brighter white which was the embryos and the fluid they were living in.

Next, all instruments were removed and I was lowered to a full recline with pillows under my knees. For half an hour I lay there with the lights dimmed, music playing, with a Valium in my system.... needless to say, I quickly fell asleep and enjoyed a lovely little nap. :-)

One of the staff helped me to roll out of the bed and to the restroom (remember the full bladder?). Then I was put in a wheelchair and escorted downstairs to my waiting husband and little girls. The wheelchair was not because I was injured or overly sedated (although the Valium did make me feel a little bit drifty), but the doctor feels that we should limit the use of abdominal muscles until the embryos have gotten a chance to implant.

The whole process takes 5-10 minutes (not counting waiting before and after) and feels similar to a pap smear. Easy-peasy. :-)

Now we wait. On Monday February 1st we'll have a blood draw, and then the following Monday, February 8th, well have another blood draw to check hcg levels for pregnancy. If the hcg count is high (indicating pregnancy) then there will be another check in two days to be sure that the hcg is rising. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, and think sticky thoughts!

That reminds me! After the transfer, Dr. Smotrich asked my permission to say a prayer! He took my hands and prayed in Hebrew over the little ones. I think it is very special to have a doctor in such a medically/biologically/technically advanced field who is also a man of faith and takes that extra moment to ask for divine assistance in creating the miracle of life.



  1. What an incredible thing to have a prayer of blessing said over you and your pending baby(s) to implant.

    Enjoy your bedrest!

  2. Hooray! Rest up and enjoy this time to relax.

  3. God bless all of you. I'm crying. Don't know why. I love you. Mom DK


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