Thursday, January 7, 2010

My First Delestrogen

Well, my first intramuscular injection was MUCH less painful than I'd feared it would be. Delestrogen is in oil, like the Progesterone will be, and it is better warm because it thins. I drew up the oil with the giant 18 gauge needle, then removed the needle from the syringe and tucked the loaded syringe into my bra where it could get nice and warm. (This was a tip I gleaned from other surros.) After a few minutes I took a seat in the kitchen and attached the 22 gauge needle. It's definately smaller than the 18gg, but still much bigger than the insulin needle. My first try resulted in pierced skin and hesitation. I stood up and checked the spot again, and then again, trying to make sure I'm putting the needle into the right spot. Stalling! :-) Ok, ladies all over the globe have done this... I can do it. Surprisingly, once the needle was past the skin I didn't feel anything, until I hit muscle (I do have about an inch of fat back there), then I felt kind-of a twinge down my leg. I feared I may have hit a nerve but everything seems fine so maybe the twinge is normal when penetrating muscle. I'm again favoring a slow push instead of a quick jab. Not bad!

Delestrogen will be Monday and Thursday. I think this will be a nice little break-in period to get used to intramuscular shots before Progesterone starts daily.

Oh, and I saw our doctor today. My lining is thin which is good since I just finished my flow. Both ovaries are quiet. We also did a blood test to verify that I am not pregnant (this is for the lawyers), that way when pregnancy occurs the parentage won't be questioned. We'll do the blood test next week and the week after as well.

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