Thursday, August 26, 2010

The results are in....

I had an ultrasound with Dr. Biter today and it appears to be...... (drumroll please).....

One Boy and One Girl !

I'm not convinced just yet though. I've seen lots of ultrasounds of little girls and I think the little boy may be a little girl. I was told several years ago that what you look for on the ultrasound is a LINE. A line in the genitalia region usually is a girl, whereas a boy has a less easily recognizable set of parts. I thought I saw a line.... we'll see. We have a lengthy ultrasound coming up in about 10 days (September 4th) and we should get a more definite gender determination on that appointment.

Baby A is already in a head-down position on my right, while Baby B is lying up above in transverse with his head to my right and his feet to my left. There is still plenty of time for Baby B to rotate to vertical, though that would most likely be a breech presentation. Either way, Baby A is positioned to be born first and Baby B will then be moved by uterine contractions (and possibly doctor assistance) to the best possible presentation (head-down is best, breech is okay, transverse... ).


  1. Very cool! Regardless, I bet the parents are sooo excited.

  2. Also, I'm sorry my comment is lame. Posting after Kelly gives me performance anxiety. :D


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