Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I must have completely missed the "flutter" stage, because I've begun feeling little kicks and jabs from the little ones.

I kind-of thought that with twins I would grow twice as quickly (although that seems silly in hindsight because that would mean measuring full-term at 20 weeks) but my fundal heighth today measures 18 weeks which is only one week larger than my dates (currently 17 weeks). It will be interesting to compare fundal heighth measurements with twins to the normal measurements of a singleton.

I suppose I should measure my circumference too? Today I measure 34.5 inches (about 87cm). My pre-pregnancy waist was about 26 inches. I don't own a scale so I can't say how much weight I've gained; pre-pregnancy was 127 pounds. For the last couple of years I've worn only long skirts and dresses (with very few exceptions). This has made dressing my changing figure very simple with only my small fitted-waist skirts no longer fitting - most are elastic waist and fit just fine under the belly. Soon I'll have to get some maternity shirts though, or I'll be walking around with a long skirt, a little shirt, and a great big naked belly sticking out in the middle! Oh no, definately not my style!

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  1. its funny because I must have completely missed the "flutter" stage too! It went from nothing, to I feel them move all the time! I love it! I was always wondering when I was going to show with these babies. It took me a long time to show with my two singleton pregnancies, but I thought with twins I would be showing so much faster, but no! I thought it was funny when you said at 20 wks Id be measuring 40? Then I realized its not twice as fast! but I am finally showing...and I cant wait to show it off (the best part)!


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