Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whooping Cough

Southern California (or is it all of California?) is experiencing a whooping cough epidemic. Whooping cough is a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by the Bordetella pertussis bacteria. Vaccinations may have around a 40% failure rate and teens/adults often don't get booster shots to maintain their "immunity". I don't believe vaccinations to be natural or healthy and have elected not to inject foreign proteins and toxins into my children.

All three of my kids (one at a time) recently experienced a two-day fever between 101F and 104F. After about a week of wellness they developed a cough - the oldest one first, then the youngest, and now the middle child. It is the cough of my 2-year-old that is most like whooping cough. She behaves normally until sudden coughing fits wrack her little body until she's gasping for air (whoop!). And then she's fine again. Whooping cough often lasts a good 6 weeks, with the most contagious part being before the coughing begins and for 2 weeks after. Antibiotics taken after the cough begins will do little to affect the course of the "disease" but will shorten the period of contagion.

SO..... I was supposed to see Dr. Biter today, but rescheduled to avoid infecting any babies that would be in his office. Infants have undeveloped immune systems and can die from a bad case of whooping cough. I never seem to get sick during pregnancy.... does the immune system work overtime during pregnancy?

My next appointment will be in exactly three weeks, followed by a lengthy ultrasound appointment on September 4th. We should find out the sex of the babies at that time. :-)


  1. I applaud your decision not to vaccinate for your family! AND your decision not to take your children where they could infect others. Perfect!

  2. If only everyone were so thoughtful and careful regarding community health...would we even need vaccines? hmmmm, something to ponder. hope everyone gets well soon!

  3. As of over two weeks ago, the last of the kids are all recovered from the whooping cough. It is FAR from deadly except perhaps in infants.


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