Monday, August 23, 2010

Back-To-School !

Today is our first day of school after a great summer break. ! All the girls slept past their alarm this morning, which is fine, the alarm is only to keep them IN bed until a decent hour. I had plenty of time this morning to have a cup of tea in solitude, check my email, make breakfast, set the table, and lay out clothes before anyone woke up. And we still had plenty of time to get ready for school before the bus arrived at 7:50am.

Alyssa and Lizzie are playing in the backyard and the house is clean and tidy - beds made, table washed, dishes done. :-) Soon I'll call them inside and we'll start our kindergarten homeschooling. We have group classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Routine OB appointment on Wednesday. I feel great, and feel fetal movements regularly. The contagious portion of the whooping cough has passed (I never caught it) and although some coughing remains we are healthy enough to be around people without fear of infecting others. On September 4th we'll have a lengthy ultrasound to check all aspects of the developing babies, including genders. !

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