Friday, December 3, 2010

Ready to Pop?

Everywhere I go people comment, "Looks like you're about ready to pop!" Well, yes and no. I had my doctor's appointment this morning and I am measuring 40 weeks, so if this were a singleton pregnancy then we would expect birth to be imminent. However, I'm just 33 weeks pregnant.

33 weeks pregnant. This week I've decided I've reached the uncomfortable stage. It's not really my belly (I can still eat just fine, and my breathing is not restricted, my ribcage feels fine), it's my hips and back. My pelvic bones have separated and the weight of the belly has exceeded my back strength. Standing or walking for more than 10 minutes is uncomfortable. I'm back to wearing my belly/back support brace but only for short periods of time while I'm cooking or doing laundry. It does help.

Sleep. I'm still sleeping well, though I noticed last night that my hips are more pressure sensitive and I will probably need to adjust my pillows. Because heartburn is no longer an issue I'm able to sleep more flat (without the wedge) and I've been using only 3 pillows. One under my head, one between the knees, and one under my waist and belly. Supporting the curve of my waist takes a lot of pressure off of my hip and has been very comfortable. I'll be hunting for a fluffier pillow to take still more pressure off of that hip now that it's getting uncomfortable.

My chiropractor reminded me to keep a swing in my hips when walking because that does help the lower back to stay loose and relaxed.

I weighed 166 today. Blood pressure was 108/62.


  1. You're doing great! Do you find yourself telling everyone it's twins? LOL, I would always say "They are due . . ." when anyone would ask me . . . to make sure they realized why I was so huge! hahah

    Belly picture?


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