Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ultrasound - Anatomy Exam

Both babies look fantastic and perfect in every way. It is one boy and one girl. The girl is positioned to be born first; she is head-down and low. The boy is up above her and lying transverse. Both babies are just the right size and their heartrates are 130 and 131.

This was a long ultrasound and every part of the babies' anatomy was examined and measured including the umbilical cords and placentas. The girl's placenta is positioned very close to my cervix but not touching so this should not be a concern. Usually a placenta gradually moves up as the uterus expands.

So. All good things!

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  1. That's the fun thing on twins, within one day their positions can change! We didn't get a 2 head together picture until week 31 . . . and now, that's gone again! LOL

    Glad to see everything is going well! Keep up the good work!


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