Thursday, September 30, 2010

24 Weeks

I had an appointment yesterday with Dr. Biter. No ultrasound - just measurements and heartbeats. All is well. I'm 24 weeks but measuring 29 weeks. I've gained about 24 pounds making my current weight 154. Blood pressure is good. At 28 weeks I will have another lengthy ultrasound and will get some pictures to post! :-)

Baby Boy was lying high up right beneath my ribs but I had an early drop which I noticed on Tuesday. Now my uterus is not quite so vertical and there is more belly to the front. This has helped with my nighttime heartburn. :-) Of course, that won't last long. They will continue to grow and take up every bit of space available up under my ribs. Baby Boy is now lying slightly behind his sister, still in transverse. Dr. Biter says this is a good position for labor and delivery. At 28 weeks they will probably be in their final positions as there will not be room enough to change.

I was wondering where exactly all of our insards go when the uterus takes over the abdomen. Here is a diagram showing normal and pregnant.

Notice the location of the intestines and the squished stomach.


Now for the TMI (Too Much Information). When you're pregnant, you'll find it easier to poop if you lean forward to take that pregnant uterine pressure OFF of the squished intestine.



  1. Haha, great post!!! Love the diagram too!

  2. Good to know! LOL

    BTW- if you and your IPs decide to do a 3D/4D ultrasound, the best time for twins is around 29-30 weeks . . . otherwise it gets to crowded and it's hard to get good pictures.

    And you'll be surprised that they'll continue to change positions ever after 28 . . . Twin B (on mine) has been transverse for weeks, at 35 weeks she moved to head up.


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