Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two days 'til Ultrasound

I'm still feeling fine. We have our ultrasound this coming Thursday to check on the pregnancy (how many, location, etc ?). I don't "feel" pregnant. I get tired mid-day, and I've been moody, but I haven't had any morning sickness. Which is good, of course! With my own pregnancies I had only the mildest occasional nausea but I was worried that IF this is a twin pregnancy that I would be overwhelmed by sickness. So far, so good!

I sent an update of my medication inventory to La Jolla IVF this morning. I'm getting low (again) on Vivelle patches and Progesterone. Their pharmacy is conveniently located downstairs from the IVF office, so it is easy to pick-up on the day of appointments OR they are happy to mail it to my door. I happily and without hesitation recommend La Jolla IVF to anyone needing their services. They are a great group of friendly people and Dr. Smotrich is wonderful. :-)


  1. Not to scare you, but I didn't notice any increased nausea when I was carrying twins. :) Can't wait to here what snuggled down!!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! This twin time I had more nausea, last twin time, not really. For me the only difference seems to be how heavy they are towards the end . . .


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