Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Double Dose

I saw Dr. Smotrich again on Monday, an extra appointment because I've had issues with ongoing but intermittent spotting. Both babies are developing fine and are doing the wiggle dance. It seemed that any increase in my activity level (just extra walking, nothing crazy) caused spotting. Dr. Smotrich checked to be sure that the babies are fine and doubled my Progesterone dose to 2cc daily. This has stopped the spotting. :-) I know some surrogates begin weaning off medications at 10 or 11 weeks. I'm 10 weeks and INCREASING my meds! I will see Dr. Smotrich again on Monday the 28th and will find out about the weaning schedule. I have no idea about his typical protocol.

If this had been a singleton pregnancy I would have pursued a homebirth with a midwife because I believe a healthy pregnancy has the sweetest ending in the comfort of my own home. But, twins does complicate the issue and my insurance does not support a homebirth (very few do) so I've asked for and received a referral for a high-risk obstetrician who is supportive of vaginal delivery of twins. I know he will have a list of criteria that must be met and will find out more after our first meeting/interview (to be scheduled).


  1. I hope you can still have a low intervention vaginal birth!! ....and no worries about increasing meds - better to be safe. I never weaned until 14 weeks or so. :) Glad you have 2 healthy babies doing the wiggle dance!!

  2. Yay for twin vaginal birth! My sister had that and it worked out in the end. Even though they had to extract baby B by grabbing him by the feet and pulling him out!


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