Wednesday, June 9, 2010

8 Weeks Today

I'm subscribed to a weekly pregnancy newsletter at and today we are 8 Weeks! Perhaps due to the rise in IVF pregnancies the website has added information and diagrams for fraternal twins at 4 weeks intervals. Here are fraternal twins at 8 weeks; they are the size of a kidney bean.

I'm still feeling "normal". The only indications of pregnancy are needing a nap at noon and sore boobs. Oh! And I've been more moody and my sense of smell is through the roof! I don't have any problem with cooking food or eating, but afterwards I have a REALLY hard time cleaning the kitchen because of the leftover food odors. My husband has been great and has helped out with the after-dinner mess. Sandwiches have been a good solution too; the clean-up is easy and non-smelly.



  1. Your hubbs gets a gold star from me. Way to pitch in! :) Yay, I love Baby center's updates. It always made it more "real" to me with my own and I think it'll be great for IPs to follow along!

  2. Yeah- stoked about the twin babycenter thing, but wish it was monthly! Doing great!!!

  3. That's good that babycenter added twin pregnancies!


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