Monday, June 28, 2010


Today I graduate from the care of our IVF doctor to that of an obstetrician. And no more shots! I have one delestrogen tonight, but that is the last! I will continue Prometrium (oral) until Thursday; Vivelle patches are done.

I will see Dr. Biter for my first regular OB appointment on July 13th. !! Dr. Biter has a wonderful reputation in the San Diego area as THE doctor to see for women who want a natural birth. He is nicknamed "Dr. Wonderful" and referred to as a 'midwife in doctor's clothing'.

We are going on a family vacation for the next week - traveling north to visit family and hit waterparks along the way. :-)


  1. Congrats! Nothing like that last shot!

  2. Woo to the hoo. :) I'll bet it's great to be done with that! :) Grow, baby, grow!

  3. whoops, grow, BABIES, grow!!!!


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