Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Appointment Today - Update

I am 31 weeks today and measuring 37 weeks! My weight was 160lbs which is wonderful, blood pressure is fine, heartbeats are steady, etc.

By palpation, Dr. Biter determined that Baby Girl IS now head-down. I have certainly felt a lot of activity on my cervix which I've felt with all my pregnancies when the baby is head-down and wiggling. I've been actively working to encourage the turn and was relieved to get confirmation of the new position.

Some possible tips to try for a transverse baby. This is what I did, maybe it helped, and maybe it was just luck or fate.
  1. I immediately (after the 28-week ultrasound) stopped wearing my maternity support belt. I think the pressure across my lower uterus may have prompted her to move above the belt. Oddly, I've had very few complaints about lower backpain.
  2. Gentle external version. This is locating the head and butt and encouraging the baby to turn via gentle pressure. Use with caution because obviously we don't want to damage the baby.
  3. Sifting. Relax into a comfy chair and jiggle the belly side-to-side for a moment. The idea is when a container is shaken, the contents will settle into the most space-efficient position -- for babies this should be head-down. In Mexico (?) this is a common practice using a second person and the traditional scarf called a Rebozo.
  4. Hands and Knees. Spending time doing the recommended cat exercises which strengthen the back will also shape the uterus into a hammock and the natural inclination of the babies will be to turn vertical and on their backs (facing your spine).
  5. Spend lots of time upright so that gravity can do it's job. The baby inside it's amniotic sac is still subject to gravity just like being in a swimming pool. It's not an entirely weightless environment so the heaviest part of the baby (the head) should tend to "sink" to the bottom.

To learn more about turning babies start with the Spinning Babies website. Lots of info.

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  1. So glad to hear that she's turned! Good to know on the whole 'removing the support belt' thing. I will have to keep that one in mind just in case.


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