Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Maternity Support Brace

I finally received my Amazon order for a maternity brace. It is the Mother-to-be Maternity Support in size Small. I know I will have a large belly by the end of this pregnancy, but the way this fits I think it is better to go with your pre-pregnancy dress size as the manufacturer recommends. Size Small is for dress sizes 3-7.

$32.99 - $44 Size Small is unfortunately hard to find.

I also ordered the Amon Maternity Belly Support Band in a size Small. This one too is hard to find in a size Small.

My plan was to use the two products together with the spandex-type support against my skin and the brace over the top. This way any chafing issues are eliminated. This works MUCH better than the Prenatal Cradle and I'm happy with the results.

The Mother-To-Be brace is highly adjustable and gives strong support to the lower back. There are inserts available (sold separately) for additional support, but I don't think they're necessary if you have a healthy back. It comes in three pieces, and instructions are included (you wouldn't think it would be necessary, but.... lol, it was, for me). The first piece is the front support band which has it's own elastic band that wraps around the back to velcro to the front. Then the back support is held in place and pulled tight to velcro to each side of the front support. The top band (across the top of the belly) is optional and attaches at the sides.

So I'm wearing the Amon Belly Band (alone, this is very light support and feels somewhat like a Braxton Hicks) with the Mother-To-Be brace over it. Since both work via compression, they do intensify the full-bladder sensation, but, I think that is unavoidable with any maternity support device.

It's definately not a sexy-looking contraption, but if you're looking for a STRONG maternity support to alleviate lower-back strain and arching, this combo gets my recommendation.


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  1. Thanks for posting this!! This is something that I will definitely need!!


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