Saturday, October 30, 2010

28w Ultrasound

Hi. Well, the babies are fine. The babies are perfect! They are growing wonderfully and every organ is just as it should be. They are measuring 28w4d and 28w6d, and we are currently 28w4d, so they are just perfect.


Several days ago I felt a shift in their position. I thought it was baby boy moving out of transverse into a more vertical position and I've been waiting anxiously for today's appointment to see just where they are.

Baby Boy is pretty much just as he was -- transverse across the top with his head on my right. Baby Girl has moved OUT of vertex and has put her head right next to his, with her body laying at a diagonal (breech).

An interesting observation has been made by my ultrasound tech over the years.... she has noticed that mid-gestation ultrasounds after the full moon are often breech. It appears that the gravitational pull of the moon causes many babies to turn breech.

With a singleton, there is still plenty of time to turn vertex but with twins.... we'll have to wait and see.

We tried to get good pictures of the babes, but they are both facing my spine and declined to pose for the camera. :-(

She did see HAIR on the back of Baby Boy's head. I hope these little ones are born with a beautiful bushy head of hair! :-) Mine had little hair which didn't fill in decently until about a year old.

Oh, and both genders were confirmed without a glimmer of doubt. One Boy, One Girl.

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  1. Glad to hear they are growing just prefect! I hope baby A turns back to head down for you! Maybe in the next few weeks while there is still room! How cool they are boy/girl! Hope you are feeling well.
    How are you sleeping? I am having trouble sleeping, my hips/legs ache and go numb while I sleep on my side. I am considering sleeping in a recliner, but we dont have one, so we will see. Do you have any suggestions for me?


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