Wednesday, October 20, 2010

27 Weeks

Nothing much to report.

I saw Dr. Biter today for a quick check-up. I weigh 159 lbs (eek!) but I gained about 40 lbs with each of my babies, so I'm guessing a 50lb weight gain would be normal for me with twins. That means I can plan to gain another 20 lbs before the big day.

I am 27 weeks pregnant but measuring 32 weeks. I checked my circumference a couple days ago and it was still 38.5in so I've grown more up than out. :-)

My back brace is still a wonderful help and I generally put it on first thing in the morning before making breakfast and doing all my regular mommy life stuff. I have discovered, though, that it's best to take it off before sitting for any length of time. Otherwise, it adds extra pressure to the stomach which is uncomfortable and causes heartburn.

Screening for gestational diabetes sometime in the next week, then ultrasound on the 30th, and next appointment on November 3rd. We're now scheduling appointments at 2 week intervals.


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  1. That switch to appointments every 2 weeks is when I start my 'freak out' time. "What was I thinking?!?!" ;-)


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