Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Appointment with Dr. Biter

I had my first appointment with Dr. Biter today. He lived up to his reputation in both the good and the bad. It's known that the wait time to see him is usually around an hour. :-( This is because he never rushes through an appointment, in my case he even chatted for a few minutes with my overly talkative 5yo. The good is his wonderful bedside manner (no rushing) and his belief in a woman's ability to birth naturally, even in the case of twins (given that mom and babies are healthy and in a good birthing position).
Here's today's ultrasound pic of the twosome. Both heads are on the left, with the bodies to the right.

Here's a 3d picture of one of the babies. The other wasn't positioned to get a clear pic. I hope you can see it as clearly as the original printout: head, body, arms and legs. Amazing!


  1. wow...that picture of just the one baby is amazing! keep up the great work!

  2. Incredible picture - I am glad he is open to vaginal birth for twins!!

  3. Great pics! I hope I can find a doctor I like as well.

  4. So amazing! I also hope I can find a dr. like that as well. I really want a vaginal twin birth (if I get pregnant with twins).

  5. The bottom picture is so cool, it almost seems fake! LOL

    I hope you are able to do your vag delivery. The twins I carried were not in a good position when the time came so we were c-section, but my friend Katie was able to deliver her surro twins vaginally- so it's possible for some!

  6. I like that his name is Dr. Biter. The babies look great!! Snazzy job you're doing there. Keep it up! :)


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