Sunday, April 25, 2010

Minor Date Change

Dr. Smotrich called this morning and advised me to stop Lupron injections (yay!). The egg retrieval will be on Wednesday of this week and the transfer is now scheduled for Monday, May 3rd. I was really hoping for April 30th/May 1st because then I wouldn't need to seek out child care for my bedrest, but.... oh well. We'll have a nice weekend and then hopefully get knocked up on a Monday. :-)

I will be seeing Dr. Smotrich tomorrow morning to review the medications for the coming week. This will include the start of Progesterone, Medrol, Prometrium, Doxycyline, the continuation of estrogen, prenatals, and baby aspirin, and... ? There's so many!

I've been thoroughly enjoying the farmer's market just down the street and am eating more fresh organic locally grown fruits and vegetables than I've ever eaten in my life. !

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