Monday, February 1, 2010


Like my fellow surros who recently had their transfer, I am impatiently waiting for the day of the blood test (Feb 8) to find out whether or not we are successful. Today I very nearly stopped at a drugstore for a twin-pack home pregnancy test with the intention of going straight home to do a test (saving the other one for Wednesday). We all know that a test this early is going to be negative.... but it's so hard to wait! This will be my first planned pregnancy, so waiting to find out is new for me.

But if WE are this anxious, just imagine how terrible this waiting period must be for our IPs!

Blood test results today were within normal limits for Progesterone and Delestrogen, so there will be no change in my dosage. :-)


  1. I'm not so sure about it being too early. My surro had a + HPT today, 6dp5dt. But it is still early to test. I had a + 6dp5dt when I had my son via IVF too. Good luck!

  2. Really? I think I'll try testing first thing tomorrow morning. See what happens!

  3. Good luck! We were so excited and hope you will be too! we had the tx 1/27 as well at around 12:45p.


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